114 comments on “Path of Life

  1. Karl, Thank you for visiting SAOT’S. I hope you come back often.
    I came to your page and am glad I saw this post first. It fits my mood right now.
    I am stuck in the hospital, waiting for what I really think will not be good news. It will mean long months of recuperating and I am so tired of being laid up.
    I am in a blue mood at this time. One I will force myself to snap out of as soon as my hubby gets here.
    But for right now I am wondering a lot of things. Remembering the past.
    Praying for a future.
    Messaging a stranger when a year ago I never would have believe I could ever do that.
    I am off to read some more.
    Hugs Sarah
    Don’t mind this message. I usually have a smile on my face.

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  2. I love how your writing first pans outward, and the reader gets acquainted with nature and the animals…..then as we read, the focus narrows down to a faceless figure asking two of life’s profound questions:

    What did my life mean, what was its purpose? Yet who will remember?


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  3. Walking is the friend of creative spirits. You painted a lovely word picture. Life is indeed a winding road and sometimes bumpy as well. A long walk on a crisp morning invigorates the mind and spirit. I enjoyed your post.

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  4. Thought provoking sad piece. We never know who or when we make a memorable impression on someone or anyone. I think we’ll all be surprised someday to learn of the lives we’ve touched. It sounds as if you’ve had some significant loss or pain in your life and for that I give my condolences as I recognize the pain because I ,too, in the last two years have lost 6 very close family members. It changes the things you think about.

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  5. Karl thank you for visiting and following my blog! Your blog is simply amazing. I loved this post and It is a treat to start my morning with such a thought-provoking thought. Wonderful blog and I look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a wonderful day and God bless us alll!


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