About Karl


Welcome to my blog everyone. I am a self professed author who loves to write and am currently on my fourth book. Relentlessly searching for my niche, I have become obsessed with learning the do’s and don’ts of writing, editing and publishing. I am new at blogging, but I have a desire to be heard like all the rest that blog.

I write poetry and I love to read other bloggers poems.

Update: How can there be so many wonderful people on WordPress? Love you all and thank you for your inspirations.

I hope you enjoy my posts and may we write for the love of writing.  I was inspired to write when we lost our two grandchildren, so I put them in my books as spirit warriors; Matthew and Cadence.

Matthew, young and reliant

Followed his heart into battle

Cadence, tender and defiant

On her dragon did straddle


Fighting for peace they sought

Against the evil they fought

Rendering their foe defeated

Because now with God they are seated

126 comments on “About Karl

  1. Thank you for your follow, likes and comments Karl. I will be reading more of your poems, time permitting. Sorry for the loss of your grandchildren, life can be so cruel sometimes but wonderful that you can keep them alive with your writing. Keep up the good work 🙂 xxx

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  2. Great page, Karl. And I so agree with you about the Word Press Community. Thank you so much for the follow. I look forward to getting to know you. And I think that was a beautiful way to honor your grandkiddos.

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