Blog Awards

I was very humbled when nominated for these Blog awards. All of these wonderful bloggers are much appreciated.


The Neat Blog Award by Petrel41 twice and by  Snapshotsincursive by Rainfairy


Versatile Blog Award by Ompong  and by  Mallika Shanker and by Danica Aquino


The Creative Blog Award by Erika Kind



Very Inspiring Blog Award by Amaya911


Encouraging  Thunder #3 Award Raymond and by Axel the Key


No Strings Attached Award Nimi Naren


Libster Award by Danica Aquino

I love the concept, but just visiting my writings is reward enough. I will certainly follow-up on these when work slows down. Please visit these inspiring bloggers.

Loving Life Rellick

9 comments on “Blog Awards

  1. Karl, congratulations on your awards! : )
    I don’t know how but I hadn’t seen any posts from you…
    I came to see how you are…
    I haven’t been following you I guess..
    I’m sorry! I use my iPhone and somehow clicked unfollow.
    So I’m back to following you. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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