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I’ve written a few books in memory of my two grandchildren who didn’t get to enjoy life’s enjoyable moments. A series called “Master of the Force” was written to include them as characters called Matthew and Cadence, in which they are spirit warriors fighting evil forces throughout the universe.

Check out my author page at this easy to remember url! via @amazon

Books: masteroftheforce1 masteroftheforce3 masteroftheforce2

Kindle: Master of the Force 1 Master of the Force 2 Master of the Force 3

Wild in the Yukon  Kindle      Book

Paradoxical World Kindle       Book

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  1. This is awesome that you wrote books with the inspiration of your grandchildren. I’ll have to check them out this week on Kindle. They definitely sounds like good reads!


  2. I must warn you they are childrens books. If you are interested I would love to send you a PDF of the first in the series free of charge. Just email me: I really don’t care if I sell any, I just want their memory to live on.


  3. I just visited your book link.. and your books sound very interesting reads.. I am sure both Matthew and Cadence will be thrilled to know their Spirit form is fighting battles to help the light win..
    My heart goes out to you and your family for their loss.. Writing is a great way to heal.. and you have immortalised them for ever in words .

    Blessings for a Lovely Easter Weekend Karl..

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  4. I am excited to take a look at these. I love the fact that you included your grandchildren in these books. My heart goes out to you for your loss. Obviously their memory lives on in these books, which in my opinion is one of the greatest tributes you could ever give to a person. Have a blessed day! ~M

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  6. Hi Rellick, Thank you for following ChristianBlessings – if you would like to post blogs, poems of your grandchildren on ChristianBlessings to extend the reach of your stories in memory of your grandchildren, you are welcome to do so.

    You are surely one grandfather many children dream of. Blessings to you.

    At ChristianBlessings we alliance with others who have a cause to the glory of God. I can be reached at to pursue posting on ChristianBlessings.

    Evelyn Goh

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